Anatolian Puppy updates from their owners!
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Here is Ayla (Sally x Marky) at 12 weeks with her goats.   Ayla has also
been to the county fair!  

 "She is doing great.  I really love her."  - Susan D.  

A very noble looking Ayla with her charges.

Marney on her first night home in her new bed!  

"She seems to like people, everyone she sees, she goes running to them with tail wagging and lots of dog kisses to go around. You are right, nothing seems to faze her: not a horrible thunder storm, tractor at the barn or the vacuum cleaner. She loves to play and Roxie [Border Collie] is playing with her pretty well. She loves to dig! The huge tree stump behind our house should be completely dug up by the time she gets out of her puppy stage. She loves the water hose, she sticks her snout in the water flow up to her eyes and drinks till full. She also has discovered our little goldfish pond, laying with her front feet in the water and drinking till she's had enough. The only thing she does not like is her crate. She can throw a real fit: barking, howling, crying and making a real mess in there. But we are working on this issue and she is improving. That's it for now."  - Wanda S.

Marney 4 weeks later...

"Wow look what happens in 4 weeks! She went to the vet last Tuesday. She weighs 24.8 lbs. She is gaining a little over 3 lbs every week and still looks skinny. He says she is doing fine. She is doing much better with her crate."   

Here is Rocco at 9 weeks - as you can tell - he has no worries!

"Rocco is growing so fast that we are both amazed. He is averaging about a half of a pound a day. At his 16th week vet appointment last Monday he weighed 42 pounds. His coat color seems to be lightening some and after a bath and in good light he is looking lighter and lighter. I can't even tell you how many times that we have been stopped on our walks with questions and comments. He is a very beautiful dog. My wife and I are so pleased and thankful that we were able to get this little guy. He has been a joy."  - John S.

Here is Rocco at 16+ weeks with a playmate.  

"He plays with other dogs so well. He is great around people and especially patient around the kids."

Here is Ayla at 5 months!  "Ayla is doing wonderful.  I have her enrolled in puppy classes and she is doing great.  We were having a little bit of trouble with chasing the horses, but I think we've gotten that under control.  It's hard to believe that she is 5 months old already.  I weighed her on Monday and she weighed in at 74 pounds.  I think that she is a beautiful girl, of course I may be a little biased."  - Susan D.

Ayla at 5 months!  She weighed 74 pounds.

Here is Zorro at 4.5 months!  His family reports he is doing very well and will start his classes soon!

Emma (on right) and friend Pashmina.  I had the pleasure of seeing Emma  Nov. 8th and she is doing great!  She will have her first show in December!

“Marney is doing great!  She was spayed last Friday and
had no problems.  She weighs 62 pounds.  Everyone at the
vet's office just loves her.  Their comments go from how
beautiful she is, how sweet she is, what a wonderful
temperament she has to she is such a nice dog. She is
growing out of some of her puppyness and is truly
becoming a very sweet girl." - Wanda S.  

We have a bench on our deck, that I taught Roxie to 
climb up on and be brushed, well now Marney jumps up to be
brushed "every time" we walk that way. She absolutely
loves being brushed.”  - Wanda S.

I just love this picture!!!

Chloe!  (Duke and Pie)  
"Thank you again for Chloe. She is beautiful and very smart."
Bonnie F.

Jake at 11 weeks  (Pie and Duke)

"Dear Catherine,

Just a quick update to tell you that Jake is a beloved member of the family. The picture enclosed is my youngest daughter Charlotte and Jake. (about 4 weeks ago) As you can see from the picture, they are the best of friends and I am certain that my daughter loves him more than any animal she has ever known. He is kind and playful and well mannered. He is growing at a remarkable pace and is almost 50lbs. Yet very fit and very healthy. All shots and visits have been completed to date and his neutering is scheduled for late June early July.

"He wears and electric fence collar and he learned quickly and since he is smart he has yet to ‘relearn’ the consequences. I put the fence around about 60 acres of the farm so he has a lot of space to enjoy. The entire family treasures him and you created a real gift to my family. It is impossible to conceive of a better more loving companion.  Thanks again"  


Phil B.

Jake and his girl!

Here is an updated photo of Zorro!  (Sally and Marky 2008 litter)

"Just wanted to give you an update on Zorro. He did real well in training class. We had a lot of days he just wanted to play and not follow directions. He had the one dog named Winston that was his favorite and Winston didn't want to listen either. But he passed!"  - Rick and Michelle

Here is Delta! (Hilda x Sas 2009)

Sadie (Hilda x Sas)

"Hi Catherine,
I have been meaning to send an update. 
She is just a dear, learning so many new things and growing, growing and growing. It just amazes me to watch her.  She has learned how to jump on the sofa and loves to play the game of come and I will get down.  She is quite the talker, holds a conversation with anyone or anything. Loves the pine cones and sticks, has a large pile outside.

I am really surprised at how quick she has picked up the potty outside and how she seems to like her crate.  She goes all night without any oops. 
She really knows this is her place, a contractor stopped on Saturday with some papers and she met him by the door, made sure it was OK for him to come in and then stayed between him and me the whole time he was in the house.  It was quite a feet for such a young pup!"  - Alma T.

Six month update:  
Training is coming along. She listens and obeys most commands. I need to be trained not to give in to that cute face.
 As you can see in the pictures she gets along with other dogs and really loves to play. Kristin and I get the dogs together and what a time they have. That has been helpful in training her as well.
  People are amazed  that she is only 6 months.  At 5 months she was 58 pounds, and being the first and only anatolian she gets quite the special treatment at the vets.

Hey Catherine,

Just letting you know that Bosca is doing great!  She's learning more day by day, and she's really unlike any dog I've ever had... totally exceeding expectations at this point.  Very attentive and gentle around the chickens.  Anyway, as she gets a bit older, we'll try to remember to send some pictures.  


Forrest and Nancy P.  

Annie (she is the one in the middle) from the Hilda and Sas litter!  

See.... Anatolians do swim!  Annie relaxing!

Here is Kozzi with her girl!  Kozzi is a Hilda x Sas puppy!

Kozzi in the snow!!!

Kozzi at feeding time!  (Although I am not sure who is going to get to the dog
food first!)

Hello Catherine,

We took Kozzi in for her lyme booster today and she weighed in at 65.8 pounds.  The vet says she looks great with the exception of an ear infection.  She does great with the Zymox (hydrocortisone) solution he gave me; much better than the Epi-otic.  She went through a bit of a "toddler phase" but has graduated from her puppy obedience class with honors.  She's a good dog!

We hope you and all your puppies are doing well.


Aspen (Hilda x Sas)

Hi Catherine!
Aspen went to the vet today, he is 69 pounds even!  he is getting sooo big!   

He is dong WONDERFUL!  Other than the small defiance every now and then, he is as good as gold, loves the dog park and hanging out with the 'gang'  :)

Thanks again for such a wonderful little man  :)  He has all our hearts

Barb and Rob S.  

Riker (Hilda x Sas)  He is a big boy!!!!!

I thought this would make you smile...this morning Riker got riled up and was running a circuit through the house that included jumping on and off the couch.  On the third go-round, he jumped on the couch, snuggled in like he was going to stay a while and changed to channel on the television; to ANIMAL PLANET!!
Everyday this clown comes up with something new.
Take care,
Debbie and Jim

Riker at 13 weeks!

Riker at 19 weeks!

Riker - By the way, he's pretty much given up the nipping, much to our relief, and our puppy class coach says that Riker is advanced and doing great!

Thanks and take care.

This is Duke (Hilda x Sas) - His alter image is Ruya!  I had a tough time at 6 weeks telling them apart at first glance - except one was a boy of course!

Duke again!


Duke again with Bruno - these are great shots!

One of my favorites!  A clean Anatolian is a happy Anatolian!  Duke getting a bath!

"Duke is doing really good. We have the 52" crate and he never had an accident.
He is really good with our kids and Bruno. Duke is just starting to bark at strangers and protect the house and yard, taking cues from 20lb. Bruno no doubt.
We are feeding him Purina Pro Plan puppy chicken formula.
He is 41 lbs at last weeks vet visit. He has a yeast infection in his left ear we have been treating and its almost cleared up. I take him back May 11th. I will get his rabies shot alone."  - Bob and Jeanette

Here is Lexie!  (Pie and Duke)

Lexie is doing great! She weighs 28 lbs now, is eating well and is enjoying her big back yard!

- Patricia

Lexie enjoying her stick!

Here is Ayla (Sally x Marky 2008)!

Ayla being very careful with her little buddy!
I love this shot!!!

Ayla is going to clean those ears no matter what!  

Hi Catherine,


I saw all of your new babies on your website.  They are very, very cute.  You must be a very busy lady.  What nice looking pups.  Ayla is doing wonderful.  I have given in and now let Ayla in the house.  I just couldn't take it any more.  She was doing great with the goats, but she really wanted to be in the house with me and the rest of the dogs.  She can still go to the barn if she wants.  However she is very content as a house dog.  I guess I'll just hope that her presence will keep predators away.  She now weighs about 113 lbs.  She is a big teddy bear.  Definitely a gentle giant.  She is laying here at my feet as I type this.  I just adopted a Foxhound who she has really become attached to. I still love her to death.

I'm sending some pictures for you.  I will talk to you later.


Susan D.  

Breeders note:  Susan has done a wonderful job with Ayla!!!  She is a gentle, well-socialized, obedient dog who would not harm any of her charges!!  That is the best kind of guardian!  Well done!

Emma is a Sally x Marky daughter that is doing very well at the shows.  This month (August 2009) she took Best of Breed and Best of Winners for a 3 point major at Greensboro!
At the show for this picture - she took Best of Breed over adults and a special!  Go 'Em!!!!

"... Last spring my French Bulldog had puppies.  Ayla was amazing with them.  She just loves them.  She definitely took them under her wing and decided that it was her job to watch over them.  She acted like they were her pups.  She jumped right in the whelping box and laid down with them.  She lets them just jump all over her.  It is amazing how their guardian instinct takes over.  Doree was a wonderful mom too, but Ayla really thought it was her job to take over when Doree wasn't around. "

- Susan D. (Ayla is a Sally x Marky)

More updates below!

Ayla with her goats.  She is a lovely Anatolian.  

Ayla with an Anatolian friend (rough coated)

Here is Rocco!  (Sally x Marky 2008)

"Rocco completed basic and advanced obedience training.  The basic training was the five commands plus leash walking. The advanced training included off leash and off leash/emergency recall. He did so well and has no problem retaining. We walk at least twice a day and he has plenty of opportunity to use both on leash and off-leash commands. Most of our walks are off leash and he has never wandered away or failed to respond to a verbal command. He also learned doggy etiquette and does wonderfully when we are approached by other people or dogs. I really want to have him take the Canine Good Citizen test and also test for a therapy dog certification. So far, I have not had the time to pursue those.

 Rocco is amazingly gentle with our granddaughter and the kids in the neighborhood. When our granddaughter is visiting, Rocco will position himself on the floor near her. Other than watching his size around her, he really seems to understand that she is a baby. He doesn't seem to mind when she crawls over to him and touches him. His temperament is outstanding.

 He really likes to go to the beach and fortunately it is only a few blocks from the house. Rocco loves to run in the sand and charge into the water. Although he is not a swimmer - he mostly likes to splash - he does chase our neighbors Golden Retriever into the water when she is fetching a water toy. He could care less about the fetching, but enjoys chasing after his buddy. I have some video of his running like a crazy dog on the beach, and as soon as I figure out how to reduce the size and post it I will let you know.

 Around the house he is our shadow. When I am home he is at my feet or very close. Carol likes his shadowing when I am not home. It is almost like he knows to keep an eye on her for me. We allow him to sleep out of the crate at night. If he isn't positioned near the foot of the bed (on the floor), he lays just outside our bedroom at the top of the steps. When we are both out of the house, he is in his crate. However, when he sees us putting on shoes or if he hears the car keys, he makes his way to the door. I wish I could take him everywhere because he is just that well behaved and mannered.” 

"Thanks again for providing so much valuable information up front when we chose Rocco. He has been a wonderful addition to our family."  - John D.


Rocco the beach dog!

Rocco and his charge.  


Rocco the swimming Anatolian.  

Here is Kozzi at 6 months!  (Hilda x Sas – 7 mo. Old)

"Kozzi was a great guard dog with us today...sat her butt on the cement pad just outside her dog door (which she loves) and barked at a bald eagle perching in a nearby tree.  It was the biggest wild bird I have ever seen (definitely could've carried either of our girls off).  She stays right along side of us when hiking off leash...and is very alert with her surroundings...pushes wild animals back with assertive barking/movement.  It is really quite a delight to see how she is growing and maturing.  We do love her...even if she plays puppy still -- trying to eat the bristles of the push broom, dig in the girls' sand box like a lunatic, and eat their shovels or hats and sunglasses.  It is a good reminder from her that she is still young.  :-)  Evelyn enjoys daily training with her still with me.  I need to practice "leave it" a bit more right now.  I also want to get her out in public a couple times a month still (as you had recommended) and around other dogs to play and stay socialized.  There are still enough subcontractors coming by that I am not worried about strangers.  She sits at the front door to greet them and make sure they leave...never misses anything."  - Shallyn 

Kozzi with a chew stick!

Kozzi is taking napping to a new level.

Jake a Duke and Pie puppy at 7 months old.

"Our love affair with Jake continues unabated. He is truly a remarkable dog. He is kind yet protective. He is calm yet is capable of real action. I have enclosed two pictures of him. The first of Jake simply lying about and the second with my daughter Charlotte. As you will see she is deeply attached to him and probably loves Jake more than everything else on this earth. You will see her holding her two favorite things, Jake and a Harry Potter book.

 He is such a success we are beginning to wonder if we should get a second one.

Thank you again for doing such a magical job of creating this magnificent member of our family."

- Phil B.

"His coat seems soft/coarse to me but I do not know the range of coats like you do. It is soft yet it is very easy to clean. He also cleans himself regularly by jumping into our pond. Or as you can see from the enclosed, he also can wrangle a good bath before a check up at the vet. He is still a puppy and has no clue to his size unless he senses a threat and then he transformations into a significant guardian.

 Last week a 9 year old girl visited the farm and joined Charlotte for a visit with our Clydesdales. The two foals of this spring are playful and will chase you around for a good scratching on their necks. They are gentle but persistent. The girl, Ashley had grown weary of all that service and started to playfully move away from the gelding and Henry took pursuit in hopes of more of his beloved scratching. She panicked and began to run away from him and of course Henry had played this game before and dutifully took up the chase only panicking Ashley even more. As she ran she screamed and within 3 seconds Jake ran to her aid and planted himself between Henry (750lbs) and Ashley and would not permit him near her. Henry tried to get to his beloved scratcher but Jake would block and bark, block and bark. She left the paddock unscathed. Once gone, Jake and Henry began to play by running after each other in circles.

Ashley’s father and I were truly in awe of this 8 month old puppy’s innate response and remarkable protective reflexes. To see it in action, it felt almost balletic. I am certain Jake would never let anything bad happen on his watch to any child on the farm. A stranger came on the farm and he planted himself between Charlotte and the man and made a noise that I can only describe as coming from the middle of the earth. It was so powerful and menacing that we were all stunned. Especially the guy, who froze and retreated to his truck.

 Again I cannot reiterate how kind, gentle and loving a dog he is and how our children’s lives have been enhanced beyond expression." - Phil B.

What an awesome note!!  Jake is definitely Duke's son!!

Bedia's first snow!  Bedia is a Duke and Sally puppy - she is well loved by her new owners!!

Bedia watching a little TV!

Bedia decked out for Howloween!!  (Duke and Sally 2009)

Bedia with her Mom and Dad at Christmas!!

Ayla Melek (Duke and Sally 2009) tackling her Border Collie!

Ayla Melek (Duke's girl) relaxing in her yard!
Ayla Melek
Ayla Melek - she is about the same size as her girl for now!

Elwood Blues - he is a Duke and Sally '09 puppy!!!!  

Emma (Sally's first litter) Winning her championship in Atlanta GA at 18 months of age!!!!  Congratulations to Nancy and Em!!!

Emma (Second Emma - Duke and Sally this time) posing for her Christmas picture!!!

Sas and Emma (Sally x Marky) posing with Santa!

Kozzi's first Christmas with her family!

Lexie's Christmas photo with Santa  (Duke and Pie)

Rainie - a Duke and Sally boy!!  

Rainie chewing on his stick!

Rainie playing frisbee with his personal lab.

Rainie snoozing!

Rainie - What a beautiful Duke son!

"Thought I’d update you on Rainier and send a couple of recent pics.  He’s adapted extremely well to his new home, and enjoys his new buddies and mentors - Toby the yellow lab, Benga the tabby and Spare the Maine coon.  Surprisingly the cats have tolerated him (i.e. not running away or going into attack mode), and the female cat actually seems to enjoy his company.  Every now and then they touch noses, which I know is a more endearing gesture in humans than animals, but still pretty darned cute!  Toby is the big brother who allows himself to be chewed on and climbed like some unconquered mountain peak, and shows Rainie the ropes around the neighborhood.  They’ve been to our local lake as well as the Potomac River together, indulging in copious amounts of mud which is then deposited into my car and home.  But nothing could make us happier since they enjoy it so much."

"He’s quickly taken to my basic training, and is starting to connect the dots with us being not only mom and dad, but those in charge as well.  My wife has also taken to my training, since she’s never raised a puppy before!  So the trainer is also the trainee in her case.  We’ve gotten the Rainman to sit when we present food, and will STAY two feet away from the bowl until he’s given the command to eat.  Also, he takes food from the hand now without lunging or blindly biting, and in fact is quite gentle now pulling with little nibbles.  This took about 3 days to teach, so I think he’s a quick study… I remember it taking a little longer with my lab."

"As I have no basis for comparison to other Anatolians I can only guess at this, but I really do think you made an excellent choice of puppies for us personality-wise.  Rainie is very level-headed and laid back, with a few exceptions when he gets into his play [mode].  His temperament is a perfect blend of cool confidence, extreme intelligence, awareness and independence… and acts neither like an alpha male nor the runt.  He just seems very happy being himself, being around us and his playmates, and doesn’t exhibit any emotional or mental flaws whatsoever.  We’re very happy with him and couldn’t thank you enough."

- Tom D.  

Rainie and bud, Toby!