More updates from Anatolian puppy owners!!

Daisy (Duke x Pie 2009) taking a 3 point major win in California!  Daisy is not that short - her handler is 6'5" tall!

Daisy  again!

Daisy on her grooming table.

Daisy in the ring (on left).
Daisy in the snow!

Lexie (Duke and Pie 2009) in Spring of 2010!  

What a gorgeous girl!  Lexie

Here is Lexie with her new brother, Buck.  Buck is a Hilda x Beau 2010 puppy!

Lexie and Buck!

Buck (Hilda x Beau)

Hi Catherine,

I hope you are all doing well and staying cool through this heat wave!  We took Buck to get his Rabies shot on Saturday 3 July and he weighed 27 lbs.  He loves to eat!  He is full of energy and he really is having fun playing with Lexie.  When I get home from work each day and see Buck he looks like he's growing everyday!  At 12 weeks, Rob and I laughed at how different Buck's personality is compared to Lexie's.  He is not afraid of anything where as Lexie was a little more timid at that age.  Buck is in training now learning to sit, lay down and stay.  - Patricia M.

Buck and Lexie

Bedia (Duke x Sally) in the snow February 2010.  I had the pleasure of seeing Bedia in May this year - she looks wonderful!

Aila Joy (Hilda x Beau 2010) relaxing in the easy chair!

Aila Joy

Aila Joy snoozing!

Bedia (Duke and Sally) helping to open the box!

Bedia waiting to go out in the snow!

Ayla (on the right - Sally x Marky 2008).  Those are some heavily guarded goats!

Susan writes,

"Ayla is doing wonderfully.  She and my rescued ASD, Hoki, are quite a team.  They are the best of buddies.  She is turning in to a great LGD.  She spends all of her time with the goats now, she is happiest and less bored outside with her charges.  Getting Hoki for her was the best decision, it has worked out wonderful.  We're dealing with the heat pretty well.  It sure has been a scorcher of a summer.  Here's some pictures of her.  The last two pictures were from this past winter.  I just love the one of them sleeping in the goat shed.  Take care and stay cool."

Well, Ayla has taken napping to all new levels hasn't she?  

Ayla (Sally x Marky '08) and buddy Hoki.  

Annie (Hilda x Beau 2010) in her first week home!  

"The heat was one of the things about Texas I didn't miss - it shouldn't be so hot here! 
Annie has a way to take care of it though - after a walk or some playtime outside, she heads for an air
conditioning vent and lays down on it - smart girl!

She had another round of shots yesterday - weighed in at 30.6 lbs, lean and tall - beautiful girl!
Obedience training is going really good - its all about getting her to believe that our decision is really better
than her own but she is fully housetrained, responds to her name and has several commands down both verbal
and cued - can see that brain working hard when she's training - incredibly focused, eye to eye. We're still
working on "come" outside (inside no problem) - sometimes that stick or pile of dirt is just too tempting.
Nipping is on the decline (and the drive-by snaps letting us know she didn't care to hear "no") though
the chewing is ramping up - nothing lost yet. :)

 Attached some pix from this past week and half.
 - Kim"
Note:  Kim called me and we took care of the "drive-by nipping"!

Annie at 9 weeks

Annie and her toys!


Annie has a pretty comfy seat there!

Annie in mid-July!

Annie at 13 weeks with a butterfly?  

Kozzi with her stick.  
Her owner reports that she is doing very well!

Delta (Hilda x Sas 2009)
She is an adored member of the family!

Delta again!

Here is Ayla Melek (Duke and Sally 2009) tackling the family Border Collie

Yogi - a Duke and Pie 2009!  What a pretty head!

Yogi (Duke x Pie)  He is a beloved member of the family.  Very protective!  

Ayla Melek (Duke x Sally '09)

Hi Catherine,

It's exciting to see that Beau has puppies running around!  They look so handsome.

Ayla is doing well. We completed 2 obedience classes this past winter/spring. She is doing pretty good with commands - and quite honestly, the socialization had been the most important part. Where we attended classes there are about 4 classes running at once, lending itself to many dogs and lots of distractions.  She has felt the need a couple of times to let others know who is the real boss of the group...At home, she is so gentle with the girls, changing her demeanor when hearing their voices. I am diligently trying to work on my leadership skills. [My husband]thinks she takes over as boss when he is not around. This is primarily due to how she reacts with not-quite-strangers when he is present opposed to when he is not. We have seen a difference. 

But what an amazing and interesting creature she is. Not only is this apparent to us, but to all that meet her.

I have attached some pictures, and will send more soon.

Hope you are doing well.


[Note:  Ayla is more protective of the mother and girls when the husband is away - not something unusual for an Anatolian!]

Ayla Melek - you can tell she is Duke's daugher - look at that head and profile!

This is Angel in Canada!  (Hilda x Beau 2010)

Angel snoozing!

Angel - what a cute character!

Angel says that's a mighty big dog!

Here is Emma (Duke x Sally 2009) What a pretty girl!  

She accompanies her mom on mushroom hunts and never lets her owner out of her sight!

This is Duke (Hilda x Sas 2009) watching over his little charge.

Duke loves Bruno the schnauzer.  

Hi Catherine,

Duke is doing great! He was 112lbs first week of june at his vet visit.  Duke and Bruno (min.schnauzer) play all the time. He is a very good watch dog and very good with the kids, 2 1/2 and 5 1/2. We take him for walks and he does real good on leash. Have him on Nutri Source large breed puppy. We know when he barks someone is close by the yard or house. Kids climb all over Duke and he doesnt mind, very playful.

Bob & Jennette

Duke is a big boy!

The baby in the push toy sort of lessens the "mean guard dog" image.  =)

Duke (Hilda x Sas)

Titan (Hilda x Beau) I called this one the lion and his new owners treat him like a king!!

He was 29 pounds at his 12 week mark!  He loves to play fetch with his favorite monkey, and runs back to us with such excitement!  He is such a star to everyone that he meets!  They cannot get over how beautiful he is, and they are so interested in knowing everything about him.  When they compliment him he definitely takes it all in, he's constantly called handsome, he's warmed up to that word a lot, just tilits his head from side to side when people call him that!  Awesome pup!!! - Jennifer


Titan and his toy!

This is just the best shot of Titan.

Titan in his crate snoozing!

Jennifer writes (at 15 weeks):
We just got back from our nieces birthday party, and there were tons of kids, he was amazing!!  When the smaller kids came up to him, he laid down and just them them all pet him.  He licked them and gave them all "high fives", he was the life of the party.  On the way back home he passed out, he's still passed out in his crate! 

Here is Rainie - a Duke and Sally 2009 puppy!

Here is Rainie (Duke x Sally) watching Westminster!

Hi Catherine – hope all is well!  Here’s a few pictures of Rainie (not the best, but the most recent) so you can see how he is progressing… took these about a month ago so he’s a little bigger these days.  Yes, that one picture is him watching the Westminster dog show on TV, he loved it.

 Slowly but surely he is turning into a man - he’s more and more protective of his house and property and now shows his serious side more often.  Still a sweetie pie with people, but it’s interesting how he now acts towards other dogs.  Free-roaming neighborhood dogs (we have a few that get out of their pens on occasion) are buddies to play with as are dogs of our friends, but if they are leashed and walking down the street, he’s a little more wary.  Very interesting that he sees a difference.  He and Toby still are best buds, and the cats have accepted him into their world, so for all intents and purposes everyone has gelled into one cohesive family perfectly. 

 I haven’t weighed him recently, but if I were to guess probably around 85-90 lbs right now, and he’s 27 inches to the shoulder.  Very healthy, happy and alert, fur is in great shape and no signs of any problems with him.  Now that the weather is turning warmer, I’ll be taking him with Toby and I on our fishing trips to the Potomac river.  He’s going to learn to swim real soon!

 Take care, chat soon.


Rainie - what a beautiful dog.  He is Duke Jr. in looks.

Rainie swimming at the river!

Just a quick note and some pictures, Mt. Rainier is doing extremely well and has taken over “man of the house” duties.  He’s been quite protective of his turf via barking lately (more so than before), but interestingly only against dogs - people he just quietly gives the evil eye.  Even more interesting, when I take him out to visit the supposed intruding dogs, he immediately goes into play mode, so all the bluster and barking seems more about making a scene than actual concern on his part.  We’re still trying to figure out what he’s thinking, if he’s being tough or just trying to get outside to make friends.


And this weekend was a milestone for him – his first swimming lesson!  We (the lab included) have been to the river and lakes on numerous occasions, but the most he was willing to venture into the water was up to his ankles.  Well, on Saturday we went on a high-adventure fishing trip to the Potomac River and he had little choice but to learn.   After much coaxing on my part and complaining on his, he jumped in and started paddling away.  A few early misfires aside, he took right off and even out-paced the lab.  And most surprising of all?  After our day was over, he enjoyed the swimming and frolicking so much I could barely get him out of the river to go home!


Here are some pics from his adventure, and well as him standing on my 6’2” father.  He’s getting bigger every day!


Take care, talk soon.

Marney at 2 years old.  (Sally x Marky 2008)  Evidently she has a criminal record as a TV remote destroyer and sock thief.  

Sorry it's been so long. Marney has been a very interesting addition 

to our family.   She ate my Blackberry phone which had your email 

stored.   She has a fondness for eating couches which is astonishing 

since she loves to lay on them.  She loves remotes and cordless phones. 

She seems to sniff them out even when they've been put out of her reach

(nothing is out of her reach!). If her teeth come in contact with paper

towels or a box of tissues, their shredded in a matter of seconds.

She's a thief, stealing socks, shoes etc even when your watching her


Did I mention how incredibly sweet and loveable she can be?

Just look at her!!!

More pictures to follow.


NOTE:  When I first read this update I was stunned and then cracked up laughing.  This is like living with Count.  
The other day Count stole one of Albert's shoes and ran out of the house with it - my husband in hot pursuit barefooted.  
Count was so happy with himself we couldn't help but howl in laughter!

See video below of Marney!

Here is Sienna at 15 weeks.  (Hilda x Beau 2010)

Rainie (Duke x Sally) playing with a friend!

Riley - a Hilda x Beau 2010 puppy!  His owner, Anne, adores him!

Riley's owner writes:
Ok, I thought my life was perfect before....but I had no idea how much love Riley would bring!  He is now
20.2lbs and currently is hanging out in the doorway, his favorite place to watch everyone..

Caught on to "sit" and "come" already, and has guarded us against an intruder (the intruder being a wolf spider
crawling across the kitchen floor)

My favorite part of the day is when everyone goes to school and work, and it is just him & I sitting on the deck
having morning coffee (he doesn't, but loves his Kong stuffed with ice)


Yogi in winter early 2010!  (Duke x Pie '09)

Yogi playing in the snow!


Yogi - handsome boy!

Update on Elwood, a Duke and Sally 2009 puppy:


I've been thinking about you, wanted to send pictures and a very sincere thank you! Elwood is absolutely wonderful. He couldn't be any closer to the breed standard. He is just like everything I read when studying up and choosing Anatolian. The only difference I have found is that he is not difficult to train, as some of the literature describes due to their intelligence! Sometimes I feel like he is training me!  (he was politely shaking before I even knew how to teach him to) The trainer met with him at 6 months, he said he had never seen a calmer more attentive dog at that age. This trainer trains bomb sniffing dogs for state agencies as well as assistance dogs for individuals, so he has seen  many dogs!  After one time of him telling Elwood to lay down, El has done it ever since without fail! My whole family loves him. He is wonderful with my young nieces. He has even won over my stepfather who, prior to Elwood, did not like dogs in the house. Elwood sleeps on my stepdads side of the bed in the floor, and has since he was a puppy. My mom and stepdad 'babysit' every third day when I am at the fire station.

This may be more information than you were looking for, but I could go on about this big guy for hours. I absolutely love this dog! I can't imagine not having him and miss him terribly when I'm at work. But he makes up for that when he is so excited to see his momma when I come to pick him up (I am sure its excitement to see me, not just the ride home in my truck that gets him all worked up ha)

To sum up, I am so very thankful to you for breeding nothing but the best of Anatolians!

At 8 months: 119 lbs
                    About 28 inches tall
Will send pictures.

Thanks again,



Video of Marney!
There are certain shows Marney sings along with and also "Flow" on the Progressive commercials.  Too cute.