More Owner Updates!!!!  - updated February 2011

This is one of my favorite pictures!  Bedia (Sally x Duke) with Aiden.  She is very serious about her duties as
protector and chief hand washer (those fingers are spotless) of her little buddy!  Bedia's family takes her everywhere and her spot in the vehicle is next to Aiden.  One of the best stories is when they went out of state to a family reunion.  Bedia met over 40 people and was gracious and kind to all.  When they were packing up to leave, they put Bedia and Aiden in the vehicle and went back into the house to get more luggage.  A cousin came out to kiss the baby one more time.  Mom and Dad were not around and NOBODY was going to touch Aiden without permission!   Mom and Dad returned to the vehicle and everything was then fine and the cousin could proceed with her kissing the baby.  

This is Rob with his new buddy Buck!  (Hilda x Beau)

Aila (Hilda x Beau) and Robin taking winners and Best of Opposite at 9 months.  Congratulations!

Buck (Hilda x Beau) and his "sister" Alexis (Pie x Duke)

This is Riker - who weighs 173 pounds already and hasn't finished growing.  He is Hilda's boy!
Recessive Bozo Gene?????
Riker update from Debbie in January 2011

Hi Catherine,
First off, let me begin by saying that we love Riker very much.  He is a cheerful, sweet, large piece of furniture that makes us laugh every day.  I can't imagine our lives without him.  But, I was pretty much convinced that we got the Anatolian with the recessive Bozo gene, and the body guard stuff just wasn't in his nutty little stars. 

Well. last night I took the big lug out for a quick potty break. It was really cold, so I didn't plan on anything other than a few minutes outside.  He was really cooperating and I figured that we would be inside shortly.  Then a visitor left a home across the street, and got in his car.  Normally our big boy would  hop around, and yearn to go and sniff the poor guy, and then play with him.  Well, all of a sudden, my Riker disappeared and this familiar-looking secret service agent in a dog suit showed up.  He silently, calmly, positioned himself between the guy and me.  I didn't understand what I was seeing, and gave him a tug to get him to get on with the pottying.  It was if I wasn't even a breeze.  The only time he budged was to changed position when the man pulled his car out, and Riker shifted to keep himself between me and the car.  A few minutes later another car drove by and stopped to comment on what an amazing dog I have.  He was on a retractable 25 foot leash about halfway extended.  He gave a little hop, and before would have struggled to go over to the car and introduce himself.  Instead, he sat down and kept the driver under surveillance until he drove away.  Catherine, it took me a minute to process what I had just witnessed.  Honest to God, the only thing missing was the mirrored sun glasses and the microphone on his shoulder.  I've read all about the protectiveness of the breed, but it was like a mom and a drunken toddler had walked outside, and all of a sudden, Riker was Kevin Costner and I was Whitney Huston in "Bodyguard".  He unobtrusively, politely took over the situation until he perceived the threat to be over, and then the puppy came back and I was Mom again.  I never felt like there was any kind of power struggle.  It was a seamless, almost invisible bit of work.  I asked Jim about it, and unfortunately, he hasn't seen the transformation yet.  My guess is the dog realizes I am more in need of a keeper than Jim.  But, until Jim sees it for himself, he just won't get what I'm telling him.  I don't use the word remarkable very often, but jeez, if anything deserves that word, it's what happened last night.  So, thanks so very much for this friend, companion, and guardian angel. 

Titan - a growing Hilda x Beau pup!
Aila at 19 weeks relaxing in her pool!  (Hilda x Beau)

Another shot of the queen relaxing!

Alexis and Buck trying to be still for that Christmas picture!!

Angel in Canada (Hilda x Beau)

Angel again!

Angel getting a little exercise!

Angel - she is maturing!

Angel says that there is a human in the dog hut!!!

Bedia and Pearson napping!  (Sally x Duke)

This is Duke's son Galen in his new crate -  and he will grow into it eventually!

Bedia and Aiden again!

Galen Roy (Duke x Pie) trying to get through the New England snow of 2011!! 

Angel in Canada as a wee puppy!  

Angel on her new farm!

This is Sebastian - a Hilda x Beau puppy!

Here is Duke (Hilda x Sas) the canine cushion!

Duke is very serious about being a sofa.

Duke (Hilda x Sas) - what a handsome boy!  

Here is Duke's son Rainie (Sally x Duke) on left playing with another Duke son Gunnar (Pie x Duke) in middle and another Anatolian friend Sadie.  Pretty cool.  The two brothers live in the same neighborhood!

Rainie is tolerant, just like his Dad!!!

What a nice bunch of Anatolians!

Gunnar at his new home!

Gunnar and friend Sadie.

Gunnar and Sadie sharing a toy.  

Riley and mom are both in the dog house!

Riley playing in the kitchen!  (Hilda x Beau)

Riley taking relaxation to a new level!

Katie and Riker!

What is with this litter and the wierd positions?  Are they made of rubber bands??  Annie (Beau x Hilda)

Annie in her yard! July 2010

Annie and her girls chillin' on a summer day!

Konya (Hilda x Beau) late fall 2010


Liberty at her new home!  (Pie x Duke)
Her new mom writes:  Libby is doing beautifully. She is growing and eating well, although her habit of eating three big meals one day and then nibbling one one the next is something I'm still not used to! But her output is consistent, so I try not to fret. She is growing, but she isn't losing her 'waist' so I tend to be a little generous with treats! I joke with her that I don't like to see ribs, which is why she isn't a greyhound! 

 Her behavior is great, she is friendly and sweet and hates to be corrected,  so she learns fast, or as fast as a puppy does when their 'misbehavior' is really fun--like pouncing on the kids when they wrestle. Her favorite place to run to is the end of the hall between the childrens' rooms and if she disappears when we are playing, that is where we find her curled up napping.

She is fully housebroken, although the few accidents we have had have been human error, just not watching her well enough to see that she is waiting by the door. And the four times she has had them, it has been in the same area, as if to say, "Um, do I need to remind you that I'm giving you all the signals, stupids?"
She is definitely Duke's daughter and watches over her family at 12 weeks of age:
Oh, yesterday we had a flash to the future. We were outside playing, she was sitting on the front walk while I was putting the poop rake back by the garage. All of a sudden, I heard a low bark, and I looked over at her, and she was standing at attention with her center strip of fur raised 90 degrees from her body. I looked where she was looking, and there was a jogger passing the house. We have a good third of an acre between us and the street, and I didn't notice the jogger, but we only have three people who ever walk by the house. Libby noticed, though and she just stood up, went to attention and barked. Never moved toward the jogger, just made her presence known. We were so proud of her, you'd have thought that she had learned to read! She still does somersaults when she gets excited over a toy like a goofball, but she also has glimpses of her purpose as a guardian, even at 12 weeks. 

Kozzi with her girls - October 2010 (Hilda x Sas)

Kozzi is a wonderful family member and guardian - she lives in Colorado.

Hmmm.  I seem to have created a lot of Anatolian pillows.  Kozzi again!

Sebastian at an outing!  (Hilda and Beau)

What a big boy!

Sebastian the race car fan!

Sebastian got some pretty cool beads out of the deal that day!

Riley (Hilda x Beau) in the snow!

Riley - what a happy puppy (about 8 months)

Riley again!

Sebastian in January 2011 - see how much more mature he looks compared to the pictures 3 months earlier above.  

Titan (Hilda x Beau) has a rough life.  

Titan with mom!

Titan with his cat!

Again - what is it with this litter??  They will sleep anywhere and in any position!
Titan - falling off the recliner as a young pup.

Titan the lap dog.  

Duke's boy Galen in New England trying to see over the mounds of snow!!!

Sadie (Sas x Hilda on right) playing with an Anatolian buddy.

Sadie in the snow!

Riley (Beau x Hilda)

Bedia (Duke x Sally)

Bedia watching TV!

Bedia with Aiden.

Bedia and family!

Bedia and mom!

Bedia is wondering how to keep up with Aiden now that he can move around!

Titan got two stars in obedience class, but he lost his orange one.  

Bedia in the snow!