Full Circle's Skyview Beau ~  

Beau came to Skyview from Full Circle Farm.  Beau has a great temperament - nothing phases him, and he is a clown first and Anatolian second.  He loves people and can go anywhere and strike up a conversation with anybody.  He is protective of his farm though, and has been from six months on.  Beau now lives with Barbara on ten acres with horses and he is her self-appointed full-time protector!  Beau is approximately 130 pounds and his hips are OFA Excellent.  

Beau at two years old!  

"Hey - what are you doing??"

Beau with Teddy the Westie.  (Teddy rules the farm.)

"Gimme whats in the can and I'll be your bud forever!"

"See - buds forever!"

Baby Beau!!!  

Beau at 7 1/2 weeks old and 21 pounds.  (He kept his horse until he was 5 months old - at which point it couldn't take another trip through the washing machine! It was a sad day for Beau.)

Little Beau trucking around!

Beau and Duke.

Beau at 7 months old.  

7 months and formidable!!  

Beau playing.  Picture by D. Clements.

Picture by D. Clements.

You can see how Anatolians can reach speeds of 35-40 mph!  
Picture by D. Clements.

Secretariat would be proud!                                              D. Clements                                                        

Beau and friend Ginny.                                                    D. Clements

"I have got to get that treat!" - Beau                                 D. Clements

Beau at 11 months!

Beau - 11 months.

Barbara and Beau!  (November 2009)

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