Count has produced some very nice pups with great temperaments and good bone!  Some of his kids are below!

Wicket at 12 months (Count x Pie)

Aslan at 8 weeks of age (Inci x Count)

Skyview Anatolian puppies
Aslan at 7 weeks

Skyview anatolians
Aslan at 8 weeks

skyview anatolian puppies in virginia
Aslan - 7 weeks

Thunder (Count x Inci 2011)

Thunder - I love this photo

Thunder at the beach

Kona as a baby pup


Kona at 7 months

Nola (Count x Pie) guarding the Christmas presents!

Nola swimming - she also has her CGC title!

Nola in August 2012

Nola with her buds - she is a good dog!

skyview anatolians
D'Artagnan (Count x Inci)


D'Artagnan on his porch

Quinn December 2011 (Count x Pie)

Quinn opening his gift bag

Seven at the lake (Count x Inci)

Seven relaxing

Markie at 13 months - she is a Count x Inci

Markie - she can move

Markie at 13 months

Tessa in August 2012 (aka Contessa, a Count x Inci)

Tessa at 13 months

Tessa at 13 months - the girl can roll too!

Wicket (Pie x Count) at 20 weeks of age.

Wicket winning Best Puppy at 7 months old.

Silver at 16.5 weeks (Inci x Count)

Silver at 16.5 weeks

Silver at 16.5 weeks

Markie at 16.5 weeks  (Inci x Count)

Markie at 16.5 weeks

Contessa at 16.5 weeks  (Inci x Count)

Contessa at 16.5 weeks

Contessa at 7 months

Tessa at 7 months

Contessa at 7 months

Markie at 7 months

Markie at 7 months

Markie at 7 months

Bella (Count x Ayca - an outside female) at 6.5 weeks

Bella at 6.5 weeks

Turk (Count x Ayca) at 6.5 weeks

Turk at 6.5 weeks

Turk - 6.5 weeks

Turk - very cute at 6.5 weeks