Puppy Pictures from owners - Page 4.  Long overdue!!!  Some of the kids are getting old...

Yogi (Duke x Pie) with his cat.  Love the black and white picture.


Lady (on right) in New York

Lady (Count x Pie) in 2014

Babar in Bermuda (Prowler x Miss Grey)
Babar's webpage:  http://skyviewanatolians.com/Babar.html

Ariel in Vermont.  (Count x Sally)  She was puppy No. 5.  If I had kept her she would have been Chanel No. 5.  Beautiful girl.




Turk (Count x Cinder) with his new mom

Turk 10 weeks

Turk sleeping peacefully

Turk on the move

Merlin (SciFi x Tessa)

Zeus (Scifi x Tessa), Merlin's brother - just two in that litter

Pike (Count x Sally)

Pike and friend

Nisah (Markie x Rootie)

Nisah and her chickens 

Bruce (on left).  He is a Prowler x Miss Grey pup.  Littermate to Bolt, Cinder and Babar and Taz.

Blair (Markie x Rootie)

Blair November 2015


Blair in November 2015

Buck.  He is a littermate to Miss Grey.  (Beau x Hilda)

Calpurnia (Duke x Pie)



Nola (Count x Pie) and Bentley (Rootie x Maggie)

Nola and Bentley Christmas 2015

Hera (Rootie x Maggie)

Hera with her family

Taz in Florida (Prowler x Miss Grey)

Taz at two years old


Aspen (Sasquatch x Hilda) 


Bey (Count x Miss Grey) shoved into Sawyer's couch

Bey - "nobody's touching this kid"

Bey "Can I have some of those?"

Chewy (Sahmi x Tessa)

Babar in Bermuda

Duke (Sasquatch x Hilda)  

Bree (Kira) with her new mom in 2014

Chewy at 11 months with a friend

Chewy 11 months

Chewy 11 months

A relaxed Bruce


Izzy (Count x Pie) and Inci (Sasquatch x Hilda) in fall 2015

Inci - Christmas 2014


Izzy learning classical violin

Bree at one year

Juno (Count x Miss Grey) at two years old

Bree (Kira) at 7 months (Count x Sally)

Buck (Beau x Hilda) and Lexie (Duke x Pie)

Lexie and Buck in 2014

Galen (Duke x Pie) looking for Santa

Orion (Count x Miss Grey)

Oz (Prowler x Inci)

Sally (Count x Sally)

Nola (Count x Pie)

Lexie going for a walk

Sally (Count x Sally)

Sally (Count x Sally) with her newest charge

Sebastian at 4.  (Beau x Hilda)  also Miss Grey's littermate



Galen November 2015

Silver (Count x Inci)


Silver - he now lives on a horse ranch in Florida

Riker (Sasquatch x Hilda)

Titan on his 5th birthday (Beau x Hilda)  

Titan and Declan December 2015

Bree (Kira)

Wicket (Count x Pie) and Aila Joy (Beau x Hilda)

Zander as a wee pup (Sahmi x Tessa)

Jake (Duke x Pie)

Kingston fall 2015 (Sahmi x Tessa)