Skyview's Samantha...
Hmmm.  What can I say about Sam.  Sam has my utmost respect and admiration.  I really liked her as a pup and wanted to keep her, but placed her in what I thought was a great home that wanted to show her.  Thankfully she was returned to me at 15 months - underweight, untrained, non-trusting and basically a ship without a port.  She hadn't even been given the rest of her puppy shots.  Her first rabies was done the day before I got her back.  She couldn't even walk on a leash.  Sam took priority.   She was a flight risk, so I had to purchase a special kennel that I could put a top on, she was leash walked otherwise.  The first several days were rough.  She wanted to get rid of Albert, but she bonded to me again quickly.  

We started going to class every week.  Her transformation was remarkable, she is incredibly intelligent and learned things quickly - she wanted to learn and she tried hard.  I started taking her to dog shows, standing for exam was hard at first with strangers, but she got better each time.  One weekend it clicked, and she stood like a rock for exam.  She was awarded her first major by a judge that knows the breed and has judged a National Specialty, "She is a lovely."  Sam went to the National Specialties in TN this fall, she showed well.  When we got back from that trip, she was the happiest dog ever.  She knew she was home and just plain happy.  She got her second major two weeks later.  

Sam is built like a brick house, very correct with beautiful movement.  The pictures here really don't do her justice.  
She is protective of us and our home, as she should be.  She loves Albert now too.  =)  Her hips are OFA good and elbows normal.  (She should be excellent for hips, but OFA is being ridiculous.)  Her sire is GCH Skyview's Aloysius and her mother is our French Import CH Nikaia du Bonnie Blue Flag.  This litter was phenomenal and include littermates BISS GCH CH Skyview's Pride and Joy of Lux, CH Skyview's Mercy Me of Lux, and Skyview's Pendergast.  

Sam at 7 weeks

Sam at week or so after she came home

Sam at 19 months 

Still from a video in November 2022 - you can see her structure at two years

Sam won winners bitch 2 out of 3 days in Brooksville Florida shows January 2023

Sam's Championship picture!  
March 2023